who we are

We are a group of NYC design professionals with backgrounds in surface design, fashion design, graphic design, and manufacturing. Together we provide a finely tailored custom service to interior designers & architects.

what we do

We design, develop, and produce custom rugs & carpet in weaving centers around the world. Our passion for quality has sent us traveling across continents to meet and collaborate with highly skilled artisans. Every project is different and our weavers can collectively make just about any hand made or machine woven construction imaginable/possible. Each order is finely tuned to your project's individual design intent, budget, and lead time. 

how we do it

We first learn as much as much as possible about the project. We discuss the areas where the rugs and carpets will be used, the design intent, what materials have been selected, the budget, and the lead time. At this point, we will offer our expert consultation services to collaborate with you to select the construction, colors, and fibers that will work best for the project. Then we will provide you with artwork, match poms, and produce a sample for your approval before we begin construction.