frequently asked questions

Product presentations & social events have always been invaluable sources of feedback for us. They provide a space to hear what kinds of questions need to be answered before a true partnership can be created. These excerpts are from our presentations and conversations at events with interiors designers and architects.
Do you stock carpet?

Everything we do is custom made to order.
When you say "custom", what does that mean?

We can take an existing pattern and adjust the scale and make it in any color or we can develop a completely new pattern for you.
Do you work with the general public?

We only work with and sell to trade professionals.
How does the custom process work?

Once a design has been chosen, and a construction confirmed, we would select colors and make a sample for approval. Once that is approved and our quote is approved, we would take a deposit and begin the order.
What are your lead times?

It depends on the construction, size, quantity, and the time of the year. Considerations are the weather, holidays and yarn processing time.
Who ships your carpet?

We handle the logistics of the order from sourcing the fiber to delivery of the carpet.
Can we pick up our carpet?

We do not have warehousing in the countries of origin to arrange for a pick up.
Can we pick the carpet up at your factory?

Pick ups at the factories are not possible either. All order must be exported and delivered to a receiving address.
How does the process for ordering custom carpet work?
Do you offer terms or do we have to pay everything up front?

It works a lot like custom furniture. A 50% deposit is required to begin production and the 50% balance is to be paid prior to shipping.
What about freight charges, duties, and taxes? 

Freight would also need to be prepaid prior to shipping, and the import duties & taxes would be covered by the consignee.
How long do we have to cancel the order?

Custom orders cannot be canceled once the deposit has been processed.
Are you a weaver?

We can weave and would love to weave more, but our rugs and carpets are made in rug weaving centers around the world.
When you say "rug weaving centers" what does that mean? Where are your rugs & carpets made?

Rug weaving centers are the regions in the world that have historically made rugs and carpets and still do. We are currently working in Nepal, India, Morocco, China, Thailand, and the good ole' US of A.
Do you own your own factories in these countries?

In order to meet the demands of the industry, we partner with our factories in order to maintain flexibility.
What style of carpets do you make?

We can make virtually any hand made or machine woven construction.
Do you make carpets with solution dyed nylon?

There are many well known domestic vendors that supply this type of carpet. For this and a number of other reasons we choose to not produce this product.
Do you make only carpets for hospitality & retail? Or do you also make carpets for residential?

We make rugs and carpets for residential buildings as well as private residences. Hand made is where it all began and was ultimately what drew us into hospitality and retail. 
How did that happen?

We were working with designers that had hospitality, retail, and residential projects and our hand made samples ended up on boards. They were specified and we quickly learned that we would need to engineer the design intent into a product that would get approved in purchasing.
How did that work out? Was it easy?

At first it did not go well at all... we lost a few good projects.
How did you deal with the loss of these projects? That's hard when you’re first starting out.

Jamal got on planes and partnered with amazing people all over the world so that it never happens again. Now we can make just about anything. 
What inspires you? Where do you get your design ideas?

Some come from history. We love antiques. Some come from art techniques and others come from mistakes. Unintentional genius is a great source of inspiration.
Thank you for taking the time to read our FAQ page. If you have a question that is not answered here, please go to our Contact Page, send it to us, and we will provide you with an answer promptly.