Hospitality is typically defined as the relationship between the guest and the host. The Celtics valued the notion of hospitality, and saw it as a responsibility of protection. In India, hospitality is said to be based on the Vedic principle Atithi Devo Bhava, meaning "the guest is God". To the ancient Greeks, hospitality was considered a person’s right and was regarded by some as a duty inspired by God himself.

The finest hotels in the world fully understand this relationship and that is where you will find our carpets. From the lobby, through the corridors, and into the guest rooms, we exclusively use the softest and most durable wool blends to recreate the look and feel of our residential constructions in products engineered for the needs of hospitality. As we like to explain: there is the original design and then there is what’s possible, and it is in that space where we become highly creative. From concept, to mock up, and all the way through to procurement, we make sure your design intent is fully realized, delivered on time, and kept within budget.
All of our carpets are custom made to order.

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hand tufted

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diamond point

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wool + silk

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