The first century Roman author, naturalist, and philosopher Pliny the Elder is thought to have originated the famous proverb “Home is where the Heart is”. This eternal statement of warmth is as true today as it was to Gaius Plinius Secundus almost 2000 years ago. From the tents of nomadic tribes to the estates of royal heirs & heiresses, good company and a beautifully woven area rug have always made a space a home.

Our meticulously crafted handmade rugs are produced in weaving centers around the world that are deep rooted and rich in cultural history. We visit our mills frequently and work closely with the best weavers to develop a curated range, showcasing the most exquisite textiles from each region, produced in the finest yarns available. We believe that a rug should do more than just cover a floor; it should provoke a feeling and become an intimate part of the design experience.

All of our handmade rugs are custom made to order.

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ber ber

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beni ouarain

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flat weave

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hand tufted

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